Policy to Eradicate Racism

Against the backdrop of the increasing radicalization in Israeli society and the negative attitude towards minority groups, Ethiopian immigrants suffer from stigmatization, negative stereotypes and expressions of racism. To deal with the phenomenon, an inter-ministerial team was established in 2016 to eradicate racism towards Ethiopian immigrants.

This team included senior representatives from government ministries, civil services and the Israel Police, as well as the Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunity. Amy Pelmor, head of the Justice Department, headed the team. The committee turned to aChord Center to assist them in formulating an effective policy for the elimination of racism by providing a conceptual infrastructure, a review of tools and interventions based on psychological research, and recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of policy implementation measures.

For this purpose, several documents were written for the Committee that addressed the following issues:

1. General theoretical background on the psycho-social sources of the phenomenon of racism.
2. A Review of the unique characteristics of the phenomenon of racism towards Ethiopian immigrants, as an ethnic minority in Israel, while presenting relevant theories and findings.
3. Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the positive presence of Ethiopian immigrants in the public sphere to reduce stereotypes towards them.
4. Practical recommendations as part of the formulation of a policy to eradicate racism. ​ 

Read the reports submitted to the committee (in Hebrew):

Document 1

Document 2

Final Report (published by the committee)