Guide for Organizations

Social media is routinely full of violent and extreme expressions towards various groups. However, in times of escalation, the situation worsens and there is a increase in violent discourse on the Internet towards "the other" in society, whether towards an Arab, or a Jewish citizen expressing a different opinion. During the summer of 2014 (Operation Protective Edge), many social organizations felt paralyzed in light of this situation and had difficulty making decisions about what is permitted to say, what should be said, and how to do it correctly on social media.

The Shatil organization initiated the writing of a comprehensive guide for the use of social networks in times of escalation, with the participation of various experts. Shatil approached aChord Center as an expert in dealing with the psychological barriers in intergroup relations.

How can we promote a tolerant discourse and support conciliatory positions on Facebook during periods of intergroup tension? What should one be careful about when writing messages? How do we address people’s psychological needs in these difficult moments? What can be done to prevent patterns of escalation and give hope? How can we formulate effective messages that can circumvent psychological barriers and open people to alternative information? By translating the latest social psychology research knowledge into practical recommendations and useful knowledge, we provide answers in the guidebook to these and other questions.

To read the full guide (in Hebrew) click here